7 Cardinal Qualities that Make an Outstanding Administrative Virtual Assistant

7 Cardinal Qualities that Make an Outstanding Administrative Virtual AssistantThe recent years seem to be a heyday for every administrative virtual assistant. Many companies across the globe have now downsized and business owners are left with one good option — to outsource administrative tasks to offshore professionals.

For a downsizing company to regain its momentum a business owner should be prudent enough to choose a virtual assistant who knows more than just doing data entry jobs or composing letters and PowerPoint slides. There are seven qualities that set an outstanding administrative virtual assistant from the rest. Take a peek on the following:

  1. Self-driven. Topnotch administrative virtual assistants know how to motivate and improve themselves and discover their own strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is as vibrant or as dynamic as people that perform their tasks in high spirit. For instance, a self-motivated virtual administrative assistant plans out schedule ahead of time and shows up ready to work.
  2. Adaptable. Virtual assistant services depend largely on the web. To get all virtual administrative jobs done properly one must be able to adapt with the Internet and computer technology. These tools are fast evolving so adaptability and readiness to learn them is a must.
  3. Patience. A virtual administrative assistant deals with remote clients coming from different business professions, nationalities, and cultures. Each has different expectations and standards. A good virtual administrative assistant therefore should be patient enough to meet the varying needs of these different kinds of people as this becomes your basis on the approach you should take in handling their tasks.
  4. 7 Cardinal Qualities that Make an Outstanding Administrative Virtual AssistantOrganized. A virtual assistant typically works for multiple clients at the same time. To avoid mistakes their workspace, tools, and projects should be kept well organized. A good virtual administrative assistant should get overwhelmed with many tasks at hand. This enables them to work more productively as they avoid projects and client information from getting lost and ensure that projects are done properly.
  5. Resourceful. Virtual assistants need to have a vast resource of information. They must know which information is valid and which is not. Good researching skill is necessary.
  6. Good at time management. More often than not a virtual administrative assistant can sometimes have several projects due at the same time. These things can be all done only if a virtual assistant manages his time properly and is conscious of deadlines.
  7. Professional. Being an online service provider a virtual administrative assistant is expected to be professional in all aspects. He must project self-confidence and professionalism when talking with clients and when dealing with stressful situations.

Whether you are a new virtual administrative assistant or a business owner who is on the look out for an outstanding virtual administrative assistant who can perform all your virtual administrative tasks or jobs this short list of qualities is perfect for you. Getting the right person to do a certain job is always paramount to the success of any business.

Are your tasks getting out of hand? Let our administrative virtual assistants do it for you. They have all the seven mentioned qualities and more. They can and will deliver with outstanding results!